Sunday, 19 October 2008

FOWA - feeling inspired for the future, despite the GFC!

I recently attended the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) in London and was so inspired by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg (FaceBook creator) and Kevin Rose ( that I decided to 'pull my finger' out so to speak and put myself on this world wide web. So expect some exciting stuff from me soon ;)

OK, so what is the Future of Web Apps I hear you ask, well to sum it up in a few short paragraphs, despite the GFC (Global Financial Crisis for those that haven't been subjected to this acronym yet - you can thank me later!) it isn't all doom and gloom. Some of the speakers were actually old enough to have been through a recession before and reminded us that technology has kept moving forward regardless and jobs have still existed. However, in order to keep our jobs now we need to keep innovating, keep working hard and trying to be a little more efficient and streamlined. Open Source technologies were a hot topic for this reason -they are freeeeeee, and it was suggested that even large enterprise organisation would look to cut cost by using these as opposed to their more expensive counterparts. So on that note I'm going to put down this riveting Microsoft training manual and start playing with Rails, wooop!

But I think the most inspiring part of the FOWA was that as a developer if you build apps you love then there is a good chance others will love them too, no matter how skint they are!

Video highlights can be seen here


JofArnold said...

Python/Django FTW ;)

Or RoR ;)