Sunday, 24 October 2010

LDNUG open mic night: Pair programming, the good, the bad and the ugly

On Wednesday evening the London .NET User Group (LDNUG) hosted an open mic night. This is an opportunity for first time speakers to present in a friendly environment and this time I was one of them. Sara Stephen's and I presented our first public presentation on Pair Programming: The good, the bad and the ugly.

Our talk was a mix of presenting and some short sketches on good, bad and ugly pair programming. We decided that showing what good, bad and ugly looked like would be more helpful than describing it and hopefully be more memorable!

Being my own biggest critic there are a couple of things I would change about the presentation, but the great thing about having this small friendly environment to practice in is if we get it a bit wrong in anyway we can work on that and improve for next time and there definetely will be a next time.

Most of the feedback we received was good and the audience members I spoke to found our presentation both entertaining and informative which is exactly what we were hoping for. Even better one audience member said we stole the show, but admittedly that is easier to do when you're sketching out pairing than talking about technology on your own.

After coming up with the idea for our presentation we came across this presentation at Oredev, which is like an extended version of our talk and covers even more areas to think about while pairing.

The other great speakers of the evening who also did really well were:

James Knowles - "Three years of running a Tiny software company.. All my mistakes.."
Matt Lacey - "Cross platform mobile app development"
Robin Minto - "HTML5 basics"
Garry Shutler - "Introduction to Sass"

I think the open mic nights are a great idea and opportunity for new speakers so I'd like to say a big thank you to Toby Henderson for organising it and EMC and Michelle Flynn for hosting us. I believe he plans to do more in the future.

The next LDNUG's will be on the 4th and 18th November, the latter of which I am organising. Currenty Ian Cooper, Zi Makki, Toby and I share the load. This talk will be by Sarah Taraporewalla, another ThoughtWorker, and will be on integration points. More details to follow...